Vosiney Smith

Survivor and Advocate, Women’s Program Advocate, Breaking Free

Vosina Wiley Smith

In “the life” for over 20 years, Vosiney Wiley entered prostitution at age 16 to pay the family bills while her mother was ill and bedridden. Along with sexual exploitation came the introduction to heavy drugs. Ms. Wiley found support and acceptance at Breaking Free in 1996. The program gave her stability, hope, insight, and a sense of belonging. Since being out of “the life,” she has overcome challenges but now had the strength and skills needed to be a positive role model and presence in her children’s life.

“I believe that our pasts don’t define who we are now. Where there is hope, there is a future. I have overcome many barriers and I have seen countless survivors overcome similar barriers. The road is not easy but it does get smoother. No matter where you are in life, there is someone there to meet you where you are at now.”