Jamie Rosseland

Survivor of Sex Trafficking, Advocate, and Mentor

A victim of intimate partner violence in her youth and prostituted at 23 years old, Jamie Rosseland—now a passionate defender of social justice—seeks to provide direct care services to victims while also addressing issues at a systemic level and shifting societal perspectives.

“We need to address the individual needs of survivors, as well as reform systems that continue to traumatize those they serve. The story told is too often unrealistically black and white. The villain is not just the trafficker, and the heroes are rarely those who ‘rescue us.’ The villains are often the nurses who humiliate us, the police who arrest us, the media outlets that publish our mugshots, the men who buy us, the counselors who don’t listen to us. My journey out of sexual exploitation has largely been about overcoming societal barriers. The heroes in this story are those of us who make it out.”