Anne Ream

Author, Activist, and Founder, The Voices and Faces Project

Anne K. Ream

Anne K. Ream is the Founder of The Voices and Faces Project. Her critically praised memoir, “Lived Through This,” follows her multi-country journey listening to stories of sexual violence and human trafficking. Co-Creator and workshop Facilitator for “The Stories We Tell,” North America’s first testimonial writing program for gender-based violence survivors, Ms. Ream’s writing has appeared in The Los Angeles Times, The New Republic, The Washington Post, and numerous other publications.

“What if the world turns less on what we say and more on what we have the courage to hear? It’s a hard thing to listen — truly listen — to a person who has lived through violence and exploitation. It means getting so close to their suffering that it breaks our own hearts. But inside our broken, open hearts — that’s where compassion lies.”