Nomonde Mihlali Mickey Meji

Survivor of Prostitution and Program Associate for Survivor Initiatives, Embrace Dignity

Nomonde Mihlali “Mickey” Meji

Mickey Meji is a South African feminist, human rights advocate, gender activist, and an unapologetic abolitionist. Having survived the harmful system of prostitution, she became an advocate for its eradication.

“I envision a world where no women or girl is bought, sold, or exploited. I envision an African continent abolitionist movement and I will make this happen. My vision today of a prostitution-free South Africa is like Mandela’s apartheid-free South African in 1960. Seems impossible but very possible. I will not rest until I have won South African women and girls the fundamental rights to freedom, justice, security, equality, and dignity! Aluta Continua!”