Grandville Tom Jones

Survivor of Sex Trafficking and Prostitution, Founder of the HOPE (Healing Outreach and Peer Empowerment) Project, Advocate, Abolitionist, and Mentor

Grandville “Tom” Jones

Grandville “Tom” Jones was molested at age six and then sex trafficked until age 15 and briefly prostituted in his mid-20s. After processing the trauma and impact of his own exploitation, he founded the HOPE Project to create an open and safe space for men to talk about being sexually exploited and work through deep feelings of shame and secrecy to be able to begin healing. The HOPE Project’s mission is also to reduce the demand for sex trafficking.

“For men to be a productive and healing element in society, we must address the deeply hidden mindsets and secrets we hold that prevent us from being such. Men’s expectation that they have a right to women’s bodies however and whenever they want it is wrong. Mutual respect is essential. If we do our part effectively, men can be our hugest ally in the fight against human trafficking. Human trafficking is 100 percent preventable.”