Ghada Jabbour

Co-Founder, KAFA | (enough) Violence & Exploitation

A feminist activist, Ghada Jabbour co-founded KAFA|(enough) Violence & Exploitation, a Lebanese advocacy organization engaged in fighting violence against women, and the only organization advocating for the Nordic Model in the country. As the leader of KAFA’s anti-trafficking and sexual exploitation unit, Ms. Jabbour reaches out to law enforcement authorities and civil society actors to advocate for the adoption by Lebanon of the Nordic model, and runs a shelter for sexually exploited and trafficked victims. Ms. Jabbour is also a board member of both the Coalition for the Abolition of Prostitution – International and the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women.

“Prostitution is an extreme manifestation of patriarchy. No society can claim to be gender equal if half of it can potentially buy the other half.”