Dawn’s Place

Founders, Sister Kathleen Coll, Public Defender Mary DeFusco, and Sister Terry Shields

Dawn's Place

Through awareness of the painful reality of modern day slavery/trafficking,Sister Kathleen Coll, Mary DeFusco, and Sister Terry Shields came together from various disciplines, such as education, medical, social work, and law to found Dawn’s Place. At Dawn’s Place, they designed a program to pro-actively support women affected by commercial sexual exploitation (“CSE”) by providing services, raising awareness through education, generating prevention, public policy reform, and community collaborations. Viewing CSE as a violation of human rights and the most extreme form of domestic violence, Dawn’s Place works to improve the lives of women trapped by, or at risk for CSE, by providing housing, trauma recovery services, vocational training, and other services.

“There is no difference between prostitution and human sex trafficking. Those women who we view as criminals on our street are as much victims as those who we see as foreign trafficked victims. Dawn’s Place was designed to welcome them both!”