Ne’Cole Daniels

Survivor of Sex Trafficking and Founder and Director, Survivors on the Move

Ne'Cole Daniels

Ne’cole Daniels is a survivor of sexual exploitation from age seven. Trapped for nine years in the sex trade through interfamilial pimping, she has since worked in social services for 15 years. Ms. Daniels was the Director of CSEC Programs at Corbett, Inc., an organization providing safe housing and supportive services to commercially sexually exploited minors. She develops curriculum and provides training to community leaders, law enforcement, and the juvenile justice system. Ms. Daniels has used her advocacy and policy expertise to testify at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, the British Parliament, and in Ireland for its “Turn Off the Red Light” campaign.

“Coming from a dysfunctional family with so much unaddressed trauma, I was vulnerable to entering ‘the life.’ I didn’t choose the life; it chose me. I question the systems, such as the schools I attended, that failed me as a child, the systems that should have stepped in did not.”