Dr. Marlene Carson

Survivor of Sex Trafficking, Author, Coach, and C.E.O. of The Switch

Marlene Carson

While many have a textbook knowledge of the perils faced by victims of sex trafficking, Dr. Marlene Carson knows from her own personal experience. At age 15, she became one of the tens of thousands exploited daily. Through faith in Jesus Christ and sound biblical teaching, Dr. Carson’s misery became a ministry. Her zeal has effected a vision that is unique in its application and effective in its efforts to break the cycle of exploitation, addiction, and poverty. The mission of The Switch is to develop appropriate responses, including the development of a model facility that can provide refuge and facilitate recovery. She believes that such a facility could provide a template, which if followed by others, could extend the benefits of their good efforts across our country and around the world.

“I Survived to Thrive!”