Mayor Michael Bloomberg + Diana Taylor

Founder, Bloomberg LP and Former Mayor of New York City; Chair of the Board, Accion and Vice Chair, Solera Capital

Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Diana Taylor

Entrepreneur and philanthropist Michael Bloomberg served three terms as Mayor of New York City. During his time in office, he implemented innovative programs and initiatives to make the city a safer, cleaner, and better place to live and work, including a campaign to stop human trafficking by raising awareness of the problem and working with law enforcement agencies and community groups. After a career as one of the first women on Wall Street and then as New York State Superintendent of Banks and Chairwoman of the New York State Banking Board, Diana Taylor now devotes her leadership to bettering the lives of women and girls. She is Chair of Accion and serves on the Board of GEMS and the IWHC. Previously, she served as Chair of the Board of New York Women’s Foundation.

Working to end sex trafficking, Ms. Taylor recalls a pimp’s modus operandi, “Young girls, especially troubled young girls, you promise them heaven. They’ll follow you to hell.”