Milan Jordan Bien-Aimé and Ali Gabriel Jordan Bien-Aimé

College Student and Writer; College Student and Activist

Jordan Milan and Ali Gabriel Bien-Aime

At the age of twelve, Milan spoke at his first rally calling for the New York State Human Trafficking Act and his younger brother, Ali, attended its signing in Albany in 2007. Since then, both have respectively worked in elected officials’ offices and supported efforts to ensure positive social change. Ali has led high school initiatives that address equality, sexual harassment and diversity issues and has spoken at conferences dedicated to exploring gender issues and “masculinities.”

 “We come from a long line of strong Afro-Caribbean women, including a suffragette great-grandmother. As young men of African descent, we have a responsibility to continue challenging gender and other prescribed roles so that everyone is judged as a full human being. As Einstein said: ‘Imagination is more important than knowledge.’ We must imagine what equality feels like if we ever want to end violence and discrimination.”